Next on Maple Death Records is an album from Fera, the alias of Andrea De Franco, an electronic composer from southern Italy now residing in Bologna, where he’s risen up in the same electronic scene as Caterina Barbieri and Lorenzo Senni.

Stupidamutaforma is De Franco’s debut for Maple Death, a Canadian label now based in London, United Kingdom. The album dates back to 2008, resulting from over a decade of work into synthesis. During this time, De Franco compiled an expansive body of work, collecting tracks, audio snippets, and beautifully layered soundscapes “that escape any definition of contemporary electronic form,” the label explains.

Across 11 tracks, we can expect a “deep journey into synthesis and metamorphose through psychedelic shape-shifting electronic songs dumbed down to incapsulate grime, errors, terrestrial bleeps and pulsating techno.”

Earlier this year, Maple Death announced the debut album of noise-punk band Hallelujah!, titled Wanna Dance, out February 21.


01. Stupida
02. Compress Depress
03. Caliber Harp
04. Yung Leaf
05. Muta
06. Decline Harvest
07. Carefucker
08. Circadian Harp
09. Cura
10. Funeral Flute
11. Forma

Stupidamutaforma LP is out February 14, with “Stupida” streaming below, pre-order here.