From carbon emissions points to that strange cube we’re constantly referencing, Minus is a label that’s constantly tapped into technology and not afraid to experiment. For its latest project, Richie Hawtin’s imprint turns its attention towards digital downloads.

The Sixty-Four series consists of 12 Marc Houle tracks that, instead of being dropped onto a single album, will be released in groups of MP3s over the course of one month. Math experts, yes, that means three tracks per week will be available from the Minus site, as well as Beatport, and they won’t all be heavy dancefloor bangers either. Those scheduled for Week One are said to contain acid basslines, 808 hats, and slow techno grooves, while Week Two jams reference ’80s computer and videogame culture. Week Three songs find Houle using post-punk flavors before he finishes the series up with “Meatier Shower,” which features Magda on vocals and, as its title suggests, will be a heavy number.

Week One tracks were released yesterday. Houle and Minus have also promised a double-pack 12″ containing seven of the tracks from the series, which will go to the stores on September 12. Whether the whole venture is going to be fascinating or frustrating for the consumer remains to be seen, but props to Minus for always turning a creative eye towards its releases.

Week One
01 Sands
02 Deathray at You
03 Jouster

Week Two
01 Buchla9
02 Steeplechase
03 Door Nobula

Week Three
01 Flapping Around
02 Selection 12
03 Ketchup and Beans

Week Four
01 Meatier Shower
02 Investments
03 What are You Doin