Berlin-based electronic minimalist Marc Houle just released his follow-up to 2006’s Bay of Figs via Minus, entitled Drift. Houle’s eight-track LP is said to include bits of tweaked analog synths, plenty of playfully esoteric sounds, and loads of vocal elements—all helping to flesh out his intense techno soundscapes. As the producer put it himself, “This album is about the cold, dark, grey Berlin winter.” Drift is available for download now through the label’s website, here, and physical copies should start showing up in the early part of October. You can check out the cover art and the CD and vinyl tracklists below.

CD Tracklist:
1. Inside
2. Seeing In The Dark
3. Sweet
4. Drift
5. The Next
6. Hitcher Man
7. Melting
8. Hammering

Vinyl Tracklist:
A1. Drift
A2. The Next
B1. Inside
B2. Seeing In The Dark
C1. Sweet
C2. Hitcher Man
D1. Melting
D2. Hammering