A Terence Fixmer original, “Aktion Mekanik Theme,” has been given the remix treatment by Berlin techno mainstays Marcel Dettmann, Norman Nodge, and Kobosil, and is due out this summer on Ostgut Ton. The track was originally released as part of Fixmer’s EBM compilation for Music Man in 2003; a press release states that it was “as much a landmark release for techno as the whole Aktion Mekanik compilation was for EBM as a genre.”

Dettmann reportedly approached Fixmer with the remix project after hearing the original version played out by Kobosil in a club. “Marcel suggested to give this track a new life through remixes,” Fixmer is quoted as saying. “The Kobosil one injects an amazing energy with a great sound, I wish I would have done such a version at that time. The Norman Nodge version could be a track done in ’89 or ’90, it sounds so much New Beat, very Belgian, like another original. And Marcel uncovers the core, the essence of the original—it has much suspense, it’s dark and atmospheric.”

Aktion Mekanik Theme Versions will see an official release on June 8, and the EP’s complete tracklist is posted below, along with an unofficial stream of Fixmer’s “Aktion Mekanik Theme.”

A1. Action Mekanik Theme (Kobosil 44 version)
B1. Action Mekanik Theme (Norman Nodge NN Version)
B2. Action Mekanik Theme (Marcel Dettmann theme Version)
Digital bonus track: Action Mekanik Theme (Original Version)