Bristol talent Marcel Lune, whose esoteric, slightly hyperactive productions have previously found favour in our Downloads section, has announced his debut LP. Entitled Sounds From The Desert Gully, the full-length offering is said to gather together 12 “maximalist, genre spanning grooves” that blend influences as diverse as hip hop, saccharine pop, G-Funk, 2-Step and glitch. No audio samples are yet available online, but we have included the album’s artwork and tracklist below ahead of its full release via Tony Thorpeā€™s Studio Rockers label on July 17.

01. Noookula
02. Cali 96 ft Lee Laamaj
03. Voids
04. Soul Beat Runner
05. Voyager
06. Seawolf
07. Gully State
08. D’angelo
09. Fantazia ft Haze
10. Only You
11. Under The Willow
12. Eight Legged Elephant