Next up on Marco Shuttle’s Eerie is Tamaño de mi Silencio (meaning The “Extension of My Silence”), the debut album of YYYY. 

The 12-track release is inspired by the landscapes of eternal prairies of the Argentinian Pampa, the fertile South American lowlands and YYYY’s native land, where poets and troubadours like Facundo Cabral or Atahualpa Yupanqui have roamed for centuries. Almost all the sounds on the album, including percussion and effects, are derived from manipulating the human voice. It took three years to complete. 

YYYY is an anonymous live duo working in the realms of techno, industrial, ambient, and drone. Their work can be found on labels like Weekend Circuit, Planet Rhythm, and Polegroup’s Aine. 

“ETMS by YYYY is a wonderful piece of work, extremely musical, deep, and atmospheric. I was immediately seduced by its cinematic narrative, its poetic flow, and the great quality of the production, so much that I signed it on my own label and will release it this year.” — Marco Shuttle

El Tamaño de Mi Silencio LP lands October 1, with the title-track streaming below. 


A1 / 1. Madre

A2 / 2. Resiliencia

A3 / 3. Todo Lo Que Ata (i)

A4 / 4. Pueblo de Orfalese

A5 / 5. ombres de Mi Cimiente

A6 / 6. Es Asesino (ii)

B1 / 7. En La Vida Siguiente

B2 / 8. El Tamaño de Mi Silencio

B3 / 9. Profetiza

B4 / 10. Lo Que Hay Detrás del Miedo B5 / 11. Dejarse Morir

B6 / 12. Mi Ultimo Enemigo