Operating together as Talamanca System, Ibiza-based producer Mark Barrott (a.k.a. Parada 88 and The Young Gentleman’s Adventure Society, among other aliases) and Running Back label head Gerd Janson will issue a new 12″ in November. As the story goes, the collaboration has been a year in the making—following Barrott giving Janson his Studio Electronics Boomstar 303 synth (a piece of gear he was not using at the time) in the summer of 2013, Janson offered to remix a track as a way to repay Barrot for his generosity. “After plenty of back and forth,” a press release explains, “one remix became a full collaboration and four different versions later, the Balanzat EP was born.”

Led by its title track—which is said to be a “Balearic house gem” that “instantly transports you to a nostalgic dream-like state [with] a lush medley of warm chords, soft rolling percussive strokes, and a retro bassline groove”—the Balanzat EP will also feature an “Acid Reflux” of the tune, a more ambient “Beat Box Mix,” and a remix of the track from Tuff City Kids, Janson’s ongoing collaboration with Phillip Lauer. Barrott’s and Janson’s first record together as Talamanca System is set to land on November 10 via the former producer’s own International Feel imprint; in the meantime, the record’s full tracklist has been included below.

A1. Balanzat (Original Mix)
A2. Balanzat (Acid Reflux)
B1. Balanzat (TCK Remix)
B2. Balanzat (Beat Box Mix)