Mark de Clive-Lowe will release Dreamweavers, an electro-acoustic album in collaboration with bass player Andrea Lombardini and drummer Tommaso Cappellato.

De Clive-Lowe’s stylistic signature is usually found in his role as conductor, producer, and manipulator of sounds behind his customized setup of intertwining synths and drum machines. With all but a grand piano and a few keyboards stripped away from him, and the production in Lombardini and Cappellato’s hands, Dreamweavers is the first non-self-produced Mark de Clive-Lowe album in 25 years.

Lombardini and Cappellato have been a consistent presence on de Clive-Lowe’s European tours for several years now, and it was during a road trip from Italy to Switzerland that the pair envisioned producing a de Clive-Lowe album themselves. The album was composed, for the most part, in Kaga, Japan, and brought into reality over a three-day recording session in Vicenza, Italy.

The record celebrates the sounds that de Clive-Lowe grew up loving, from Ryuichi Sakamoto’s meditative melancholy and Ahmad Jamal’s soulful playfulness, to the rhythms of broken beat, boom bap, and global rhythms. It features eight originals composed by de Clive-Lowe himself, plus “Strolling Down On Degnan,” composed by the late beat maker Ras G.


01. Mizugaki Prelude
02. Birds Of Prey
03. Strolling Down Degnan
04. Motherland
05. Natadera Spirit Walk
06. Volta Ao Mundo
07. Dreamweavers
08. In Answer To Your Question
09. Kodama Shade

Dreamweavers LP is scheduled for October 23 release on Mother Tongue Records. Pre-order is available here, where you can also stream clips.