Photo: James Loveday

Following an LP and an EP in 2014 for Ghostly’s Spectral Sound label, Birmingham DJ/producer (and former XLR8R podcast contributor) Mark E will next land on the ESP Institute outpost with the two-track Emergency 12″. Set to arrive on February 16, the record will serve as Mark E’s debut for the label, who were also responsible for one of 2014’s most memorable releases, having issued Young Marco‘s elegant Biology LP in June of last year.

On Emergency‘s a-side cut, “Laurentian Abyss,” Mark E is said to “trudge through an array of rhythmic pulses, percussion, and arpeggiation that resemble the inner workings of a grandfather clock, based on a disorienting 5/4 timing yet culminating in a singular stroke, ” while the flipside offering “begins with the formula for which we know Mark E best, the ultimate tease winding us up for the big payoff.” Ahead of the record’s release next month, we have been treated to a preview of Mark E’s new pair of productions, with clips of both “Laurentian Abyss” and “Emergency” currently available to stream below.