Techno producer and analog synthesizer aficionado Mark Verbos has released his latest EP, Walk The Distance, on The Bunker New York.

A product of the early Midwest US underground electronic music scene, Verbos started performing improvised live shows in 1992. Since that time, he has continued to perform live using nothing but hardware, improvising the set in the moment and playing all over the world. With Mark’s latest EP, we see more of the tough, no-nonsense machine music that has made Verbos a longstanding Midwestern staple in electronic music.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time. In the beginning, there was only hardware, and it feels better to make music with physical objects. Plus, I make hardware, too,” says Verbos, recounting his production processes. Verbos not only produces music, he also produces the hardware he uses to make music—his company, Verbos Electronics, manufactures Eurorack synthesizer modules with a vintage sensibility.

The music on this release speaks for itself. The record starts in top gear with “Start Up Drive,” a devastating techno bomb centered around a throbbing, repeating bassline and a meaty kick drum that builds to a massive climax in the span of five minutes. The album was mastered by hardware connoisseur Neel, who with Donato Dozzy, is one half of Voices From The Lake.

You can buy the limited-edition red marble vinyl on The Bunker New York’s Bandcamp page by clicking here, and every purchase of the vinyl comes with high-quality digital downloads available immediately after purchase.