Marquis Hawkes has announced plans to release his debut album on Houndstooth.

Social Housing, which follows on from a series of solid EP releases via the label—including Sweet and Raw Materials—is made up of 12 new and unreleased tracks. Both showcasing and transcending Hawkes’ penchant for soulful vocal cut-ups and jacking drum-machine jams, the release represents over two years of dedicated creation.

Inspired by and named after his surroundings, Social Housing is a sonic celebration of the positive impact that living in not-for-profit, association-managed social housing in Berlin has had on Hawkes’ life and music.

An official statement from the producer reads as follows:

Social Housing is named as such, because it’s the environment I live in, the first thing I see every day when I walk out of my front door, and in effect, influences aspects of my life, including my music. Too often, particularly in the UK, the term is viewed negatively and equated with slum estates, broken windows and criminality. I want to show that something positive comes out of such schemes. The album wouldn’t have been possible to produce without the stability and security that social housing has given me and my family.”

Hawkes commissioned his friend, illustrator and fellow musician Alan Oldham (a.k.a DJ T-1000)—a member of the Detroit collective Underground Resistance who’s renowned for his graphic novels and cover artwork for labels such Transmat and Djax Up-Beats— to provide the visual manifestation of his creation. The cover artwork was drawn from a photo taken by Hawkes’ wife in the area of East Berlin that they live.

01. Ode To A Broken Heart
02. The Landsberger Funk
03. Fantasy
04. Tim’s Keys (feat. Timothy Blake)
05. I’m So Glad feat. Jocelyn Brown (Satisfied Mix)
06. Summer Memory
07. Six Sixty Groove
08. Locked Out
09. Feel The Music
10. Wake Up, Baby!
11. Something In Yr Head
12. Apple Of My Eye feat. Timothy Blake

In advance of the album’s June 10 release, “Fantasy” can be streamed in full below.