Mysterious Berlin-based producer Marquis Hawkes has joined forces with the profoundly influential imprint Aus Music. ‘Chances’ will be Hawkes’ third EP of 2015, having previously released two stunning EP’s, Sweetand Raw Materials, earlier this year via the Fabric-affiliated imprint Houndstooth.

The EP emits a pulverulent, old-school vibe that is consistent with his repetitive, disco infused style. The modish, funky loops that set the groundwork for his production are given considerable spark and flux when put alongside Hawkes’ brawny analogue drum work.

Aus Music has had a fantastic year, putting out a plethora of top-notch releases and ‘Chances’ is by no means an exception. You can listen to Marquis Hawkes previous EP, Sweet, below and be sure to check out more from Aus Music by going to their Soundcloud page here.