Kicking off this Friday with Martyn, Outspoken LA‘s February schedule will also see appearances from Ivan Smagghe and Roy Davis Jr.

Outspoken is one of Los Angeles’ newest house and techno nights—it opened its doors on December 11 at Hollywood club Couture—and has already proven its worth to the local electronic music community in the City of Angeles with its first three shows hosting sets by Maxxi SoundsystemFrançois K, Walker & Royce, and No Regular Play, with many more exciting acts on the way.

On backup duties in February will be Miranda (Dirty Epic), Ed Vertov (Stellar Remnant), Tahl K (Fine Time), Aaron Davis (Acid Camp), SONNS (Kompakt), Goddollars & Paradise (Rhonda Int.), Golf Clap (Country Club Disco), Heidi Lawden (Dublab), and Bo Herbert.

You can grab tickets to this Fridays event via XLR8R.

In addition to bringing in Martyn this week, Outspoken will also host Ivan Smagghe and Roy Davis Jr. later on this month. Check out the event listings below.

Outspoken invites Ivan Smagghe (LDDLM) & Guests

Outspoken invites Roy Davis Jr. (Strictly Rhythm) & Guests