Martyn is back on Ostgut Ton with a new EP, Odds Against Us

Odds Against Us sees the Dutch producer return to his genre-spanning interest in UK club music, pursuing a sampling spirit innovated by drum & bass while operating independent of BPM. It follows 2018’s Voids on which he returned to his deep, percussive roots, nimbly constructing complex webs of rhythm, melody, and inventive basslines centered around a near-death experience. 

Martyn’s previous work has appeared on Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune, and 3024, among others. 

“While Odds Against Us sees Martyn revisiting his musical beginnings, the sound and emotion once again emerge from a holistic perspective to rhythm and dance music,” Ostgut explains. 

Artwork by Jeroen Erosie.


A. Odds Against Us

B1. B.C. 2

B2. Rhythm Ritual

Odds Against Us EP is out July 26, with pre-order here and clips below.