We couldn’t have predicted this pairing to save our lives, and yet, Washington, D.C. dubstepper Martyn working with Flying Lotus’ beat-centric Brainfeeder label makes an odd sort of sense to us. On August 1, the two electronic music powerhouses will join forces and drop a three-song digital single (12″ vinyl release is on September 5), which is apparently the first taste of Martyn’s forthcoming sophomore album for Brainfeeder, entitled Ghost People. Talking about the fresh sounds of his new music, the producer says, “People just like a certain sound and then they want more of that. But then when you give them more, they suddenly think you’re boring or one-dimensional. The best way to handle it is to not really listen to people, and just dictate what you want to do. Everyone has their angle, and puts on their mask forward. People use a shell to show who they want to be.” We’ll be able to hear Martyn’s new angle shortly, but until then, you can check out the artwork and tracklist for his “Masks” / “Viper” single below.

1. Masks
2. Viper (Ghost People Edit)
3. Viper (London’s Arches Edit)