Marvin & Guy have remixed Techno Bert’s “Neue Dimensionen.”

Originally released in 1990 on Doremix Records, Techno Bert was the studio project of Robert Passera and Stefano Cundari, co-owner of Memory Records and mastermind behind some Italo disco classic names, though he, unfortunately, died of cancer soon after the release.

“Neue Dimensionen” was developed on Siouxsie and the Banshees‘ well-known guitar riff of “Happy House.” While Cundari cared for the sounds from the 48-channel analog bench and assigned modular effects to the tracks, in the studio, there was also musician Stefano Carrara who piloted the keyboards and the Notator installed on the Atari computer. The couple started the work by sampling the Human League “Being Boiled” groove, and built on harmony and melody inspired by Siouxsie & The Banshees with a Jupiter synth to which they added a low reinforcement obtained with a Roland TB-303. The drum set was based on Roland Tr-909 samples. The sample of the voice comes from “Herrmann Hiess Er” by Nina Hagen, cutting and pasting vocal fragments all around the track, from which they got the name “Neue Dimensionen.”

Even though it was distributed by Flying Records, only the most attentive clubs talked about Techno Bert’s single. Many discovered it the following year through the Belgian press that circulated in almost all of Europe, or through the Spanish version of Spitfire. Even without big sales numbers and without any radio passage, the song continues to survive by virtue of a subtly underground connotation.

It’s now set for a repress, limited to 500 copies, and the digital version comes with a Marvin & Guy remix, which can be exclusively streamed in full below.

12” Tracklist

A1. Intro
A2. Neue Dimensionen
B. Neue Dimensionen (Instrumental)

Digital Tracklist

A1. Intro
A2. Neue Dimensionen
B1. Neue Dimensionen (Instrumental)
B2. Neue Dimensionen (Marvin & Guy Remix)