Marvin & Guy’s Equation series is back with Equation 2—after Equation 1‘s release.

Equation is a series of releases that focuses on “very special edits” by “very special artists.”This series is curated by Marvin & Guy themselves. It’s out in three volumes in different colors: firstly in black, secondly in grey, and then thirdly in white. Each release will be available exclusively on vinyl, and limited to just 300 records; no digital files are released. There will be a two-month break between each release, and the identity of the artists behind the edits will not be revealed.

For Equation 2, the artists are “the Mexican outlaw hippie, a Danish who learned how to build beats better than Lego, as well as the only Irish keener on music than in beer. And the last player is a man who abandoned the euro dance hits of the ’90s to play basketball in Peru.”

Equation 2 is available now, with a stream available below.