With her Hundreds of Days LP set for release this Friday via Ghostly International, LA-based composer/harpist Mary Lattimore has shared a new track, “Never Saw Him Again.”

Lattmore’s solo debut, The Withdrawing Room, was released in 2013 on Desire Path Recordings, and she last appeared on Ghostly with March 2016’s At The Dam LP. She’s now set to return with Hundreds Of Days, recorded mostly during a residency at the Headlands Center For The Arts, in the hills outside of San Francisco.

We’re told that the album “draws on her move away from the East Coast, and the distinct shift in mood from one place to another.”

“Never Saw Him Again” gives another glimpse of the blissful and singular approach to harp-playing, conjuring vivid and compelling soundscapes. 


01. It Feels Like Floating

02. Never Saw Him Again

03. Hello From The Edge Of The Earth

04. Baltic Birch

05. Their Faces Streaked With Light And Filled With Pity

06. On The Day You Saw The Dead Whale

07. Wind Carries Seed

Hundreds Of Days LP will land on May 18, with “Never Saw Him Again,” and two previously shared album tracks, streaming in full below.