Blakmoth has shared Deathshead, a new EP of transportive drone and ambient.

Blakmoth, real name Jack Smith, is a rising producer and bassist based in Maryland, United States. While much of his music tends to lean towards lighter ambient, he also uses modular synthesis, field recordings, and tape loops to paint deeply moving soundscapes with dark, brooding atmospheres. It’s what he calls “Doombient.”

“The idea came about because I wanted to push ambient into a darker space,” he says. “Be the complete opposite of bleep bloops and plucks.”

Deathshead, with five tracks, is Smith’s latest addition to an extremely busy year in terms of production. In August and September, he released Offerings and Omens respectively, and in June he put out The Space Between, a new album. NINE, another album, surfaced in January.


01. Wake From the Chysalis
02. Acherontia Lachesis I
03. Aphothic Fluent
04. Lucent Inarticulate
05. Acherontia Lachesis II

Deathshead EP is available now. You can stream it in full via Bandcamp below, and order here.