LA-based DJs and promoters Masha, Heidi Lawden, and Jeniluv have announced Dusk, a three-day camping festival in Southern California.

According to the organizers, Dusk is “an intimate, off-grid, queer festival,” taking place on Native American land (seen above) between Los Angeles and San Diego from May 17 to May 19. The inaugural edition of the festival—which is also BYOB—will feature DJs from the US, Europe, and Japan, including DJ Nobu, Jennifer Cardini, DJ Harvey, Elena Colombi, Solar, Galen, Peaking Lights, Jason Peters, and Massimiliano Pagliara. 

The festival’s main focus is to showcase LA’s thriving dance community and will feature some of the city’s key DJs, including the three co-founders, who will perform alongside Chris Cruse, Mesmé, Jen Ferrer, Dirty Dave, Bears In Space, TK, Tavish, and Lovefingers, among many others.

You can find more tickets and more information on Dusk here.