Masha Mar, Jeniluv, and Heidi Lawden have launched a new label, Dusk Recordings, with a 14-track compilation featuring John Tejada, Dave Aju, Masha Mar.

Back in 2019, the three Los Angeles-based music curators took the concept behind their Surround DJ collective and event series, a fixture in their local underground musical community, to launch Dusk Camp, a festival in California’s desert lowlands. It’s born from their ethos to champion their local scene’s emerging talents by merging them with invited guests.

The label is inspired by the same principles, which is to say the freedom represented by the vast California landscapes and the independence represented by Los Angeles’ warehouse parties. We’re told to expect a “thriving platform for radical inclusivity balanced by the chill vibe inherent to California.”

The inaugural compilation, Dusk Volume One, is a “love letter” from Los Angeles. Woolfy VS Projections, John Tejada, C.Love, and Dave Aju have contributed exclusive and previously unreleased tracks to the cohesive release, which is best enjoyed from start to finish, we’re told. All tracks were commissioned, conceived, and produced during the pandemic as a way to stay connected locally, and now globally, upon its release.


01. Dave Aju “Desierto”
02. Woolfy VS Projections “Graffiti Fonta”
03. “Deux Femora”
04. Heidi Höven “Dancefloor Dreams”
05. Warehouse Preservation Society “Body Station”
06. Juliet Mendoza “Soul Rhythm”
07. Masha Mar “Last Light”
08. John Tejada “Ashes”
09. Tevo Howard “Television” (JP & Vulinej Fantasia Remix)
10. SONNS “Texas 84”
11. Force Placement “Her Feet Never Touched The Ground”
12. Initial Sequence “R & R Time”
13. Aldridge Brothers “Traffic Jammers”
14. Tevo Howard “Television” (Bonus Track)

Dusk Volume 1 is available now. You can stream it in full below and order it here.