At the beginning of June we announced the re-launch of our Ask the Experts series, as we invited you to get the answers to everything you could possibly have wanted to know from Gerd Janson, direct from the horse’s mouth.

With those responses on the way later this week, it’s time to reveal the next artist in the series: the Canadian master of machines, Mathew Jonson. Over the course of well over a decade perfecting his spacey techno sounds, he’s released a wealth of interesting solo material, as well as collaborative efforts as Cobblestone Jazz or Midnight Operator. A true expert in the sound, he’s bound to serve up some real interesting insights.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the studio when drumming up your questions—the purpose of Ask the Experts is to open things up for a broad range of probing, whether that be his general career, influences, or anything else you’ve been pondering. All questions should be sent to [email protected]; we’ll pass them along to Mathew who will select his favorites, and at the end of the month, we’ll publish his answers.

All questions must be delivered by 5pm PST on Friday July 15.