Time-tested producer, DJ, and electronic innovator Matias Aguayo is set to return to Kompakt with a new EP in October. A longtime affiliate of the label (initially as half of the storied Closer Musik production duo), Aguayo has recently remained focused on his Cómeme label, last year delivering his eccentric The Visitor LP via the outpost. On his upcoming Legende EP for Kompakt, the Berlin-based artist will present four new dancefloor tracks based in lush, almost dreamy synth work, a slight detour from the percussive textures and vocal-heavy arrangements which have marked much of his output in recent years.

“Legends are memories,” the artist says of the concept behind the EP, “but memories of a glorified past, that becomes legendary only in our mind, not necessarily in reality.” Aguayo’s Legende EP will see its official release on October 6. In the meantime, the artwork and tracklist for the veteran artist’s upcoming effort can be seen below.

01 Run Away from the Sun
02 Lola in the City
03 Legende
04 Walty