Cómeme co-founder Matias Aguayo will release Support Alien Invasion next month, his first solo album in six years. 

The nine-track LP is described as a symphony of hypermodern grooves surrounded by quasi-abstract sonic architecture, and overflows with heavy, soundsystem-friendly beats incorporating non-Western rhythms. When approached in a more intimate setting, the album provides a “unique listening experience,” the label explains, and one can easily get lost in its buzzing soundscapes, huge spaces, clinking tones, and other sonic inventions. 

The album title is a plea to welcome human aliens (the different, the foreign, the immigrant), based on a hope that letting them “invade” us might set us free from isolation, alienation, and exclusion. 

Aguayo’s last solo album came in the shape of 2013’s The Visitor

Support Alien Invasion is released on May 24 by Crammed Discs and Cómeme, who are joining forces for the occasion. Meanwhile, you can stream “Pikin” below. 


01. The Fold 

02. We Have Seen Another World 

03. 2019 

04. Support Alien Invasion 

05. Insurgentes 

06. Laisse-Moi Parler 

07. Between The Risings 

08. Pikin 

09. Spread This Number