Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt, the now-Baltimore-based pair of eccentric musicmakers known as Matmos, haven’t really made so much as a bleep (outside of the odd remix) since 2010’s collaborative LP with So Percussion, Treasure State, but will cease their silence on October 16 with the release of The Ganzfeld EP via Thrill Jockey. True to form, Matmos’ three-song record centers around a concept, particularly the idea of telepathy, or parapsychological experiments like the Ganzfeld experiment. Apparently, the music was created after Daniel and Schmidt “[put] test subjects into a state of sensory deprivation by covering their eyes and listening to white noise on headphones, and then attempted to transmit ‘the concept of the new Matmos record’ directly into their minds.” The subjects then described what they conjured in their minds as they were videotaped, and the sounds and ideas were transformed by Matmos into the resulting music, which is said to be “the most conceptually elaborate yet weirdly poppy record of [Matmos’] career.” The Ganzfeld EP (artwork and tracklist below) is more or less a teaser of the forthcoming The Marriage of True Minds LP, which will arrive in early 2013 with vocal contributions from the likes of Dan Deacon and Dirty Projectors vocalist Angel Deradoorian, among others.

1. Very Large Green Triangles (Edit)
2. You (Rrose Mix)
3. Just Waves