Before departing for the complete opposite coast of the continental United States, the formerly San Francisco-based duo Matmos (pictured above) had joined forces with SF’s resident blissful guitar manipulator Christopher Willits and local videographer/musician Nate Boyce for an “expectation-less” collaboration of sorts. As one would imagine, the resulting four tracks are a glistening mix of leftfield electronics and dense soundscapes that are now set to see their release as an EP from Willits’ own Overlap imprint. This current mix of musicians, simply deemed Boyce + Matmos + Willits, are no strangers to working together, having already contributed, along with Zach Hill and Carson McWhirter, to another EP for Overlap back in 2009 as Flossin. The newest result from these adventurous sonic manipulators, entitled Subconscious Attraction Strategies, will be released April 26. You can check the artwork below.

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