Two years following their last album and not much longer after a move from San Francisco to Baltimore, the experimentally inclined pair of Martin Schmidt and Drew Daniel (a.k.a. Matmos) have finally put the finishing touches on their collaborative work with Brooklyn’s So Percussion. The album, called Treasure State, was conceived in Whitefish, Montana (hence the album’s title), tweaked into oblivion by SF noisemaker Wobbly along with Schmidt, with the final sounds fine-tuned by producer Lawson White. The resulting album is said to explore and study the sonic properties of common-place and not-quite-so-common materials, like ceramic planters, pails of water, aluminum beer cans, and cactus needles. For such avid found-sound archeologists like Matmos, making music out of botanical materials and bar trash should sound as second-nature as humming the birthday song. We’ll know for sure when Treasure State is released July 8 via Cantaloupe.