Cole Rise

Bay Area producer Matrixxman (a.k.a. Charles Duff) is no stranger to XLR8R‘s pages—in addition to supplying an exclusive podcast last year, he’s also incredibly prolific, dropping 12 EPs since 2013 for such labels as Dekmantel, Icee Hot, Delft, and his own Soo Wavey imprint, which he operates jointly with Vin Sol. Now, word has come that his debut long-player, Homesick, is due for release via Ghostly in just a few months. A press release describes Duff as a “dedicated futurist” and “voracious entertainment junkie” who was inspired by Google’s director of engineering, artificial intelligence, and The X-Files in making the record. “Matrixxman uses the language of machines and dancefloors like a hungry pulp novelist,” it reads, “weaving together his divergent narratives and characters under one sprawling dystopian sky.”

Taken as a whole, the 12-track album is said to form a narrative arc that explores not-so-distant technoid futures. “We will have the technological capability to fully map out a human brain in its entirety within 30 years,” Duff is quoted as saying. “The implications of such a possibility are deep and far reaching. We will be crossing a rubicon towards a new phase in human consciousness. I am one person that is prepared to take that step.”

Homesick will see an official release on July 10, and until then, its first single, “Augmented,” can be streamed in full below, where the album’s complete tracklist has also been included.

1. Necronomicon
2. Augmented
3. Red Light District
4. Packard Plant
5. Dejected
6. Network Failure
7. False Pattern Recognition
8. Opium Den
9. Annika’s Theme
10. HMU (Hit Me Up) (feat. Vin Sol)
11. Switchlade
12. Earth Like Conditions