There was a time when Matrixxman seemed more focused on establishing a bizarre, internet-based persona than making tunes, but the San Francisco-based producer seems to have put those days behind him. Furthermore, where he once experimented with a multitude of styles and genres, he appears to have settled on the dancefloor, as most of his recent creations have walked the line between house, techno, and disco. Last year’s The XX Files EP for Brooklyn’s Fifth Wall imprint certainly turned plenty of heads toward Matrixxman, and next month, he’ll be issuing a sequel. The XX Files: Part II is slated to drop on March 31 via Soo Wavey, the label he runs in tandem with frequent collaborator Vin Sol, who also contributes to the new EP. The four-track record will follow Matrixxman’s 808 State of Mind, which comes out next week on the newly founded Delft imprint. As for The XX Files: Part II, it will be issued on vinyl only. The artwork and tracklist are below.

A1. Soul M8
A2. Holographic feat. Vin Sol
B1. Jane Doe
B2. Artificial Intelligence