The East Bay’s DJ Matthew Africa has a new podcast up which features two hours of jerk music, the L.A.-centered music movement that builds on foundations built by Bay Area crews like The Pack. With freaky mixes and nasty lyrics in surplus, this podcast is damn sure to be blasting from a lot of porches and earbuds in the coming weeks. While you’re at it, you can get some mixing tips from Africa by watching this awesome episode of XLR8R TV!

Download 2 Busy Saying Yeah Episode 5 mixed by DJ Matthew Africa here.


1. Cold Flamez: Miss Me, Kiss Me
2. Jaye Cooley: Drippin Wet
3. YT: Call Me Daddy feat. New Era & TayF3rd
4. Dizzy: Swagg It Out
5. YG: AIM Me
6. Looney Toonz: Cock A Doodle Doo
7. Swagg City: That Hoe Crazy
8. Asia Lynn: Bad Bitch
9. Vixen Ent: Toot My Shit
10. Clothes Off Movement: Better Than You
11. J.R.: Inhale It feat. TayF3rd & Ashlii
12. NHT Boyz: Introduction
13. Dinoo Supreemo: Dirty Ass Vans
14. Rude Boyz: Go Hard
15. Go Go Power Rangers: Tippin on My Dick
16. New Boyz: You’re a Jerk
17. Rude Boyz: Tight Jeanz
18. Fresh Boyz: I Rock Skinnies feat. New Era
19. YT: Skinny Ass Nigga
20. Pink Dollaz: I’m Tasty
21. Camille Tianna: Hot Commodity
22. TayF3rd: Heard About Me feat. Project & New Era
23. Turfeazy: In a Tree
24. Vixen Ent: Bust Me a Nut
25. The Lowz: She Poppin’ feat. Nie’Starr
26. Julian: Jerkin Song
27. L7: Knock Knock
28. YB: 2 Step
29. Ro2co: Toot It Up Done
30. Dinoo Supreemo: Step To
31. Aeiress Ent: Billy
32. Wes Nyle: Dougie
33. Nokio: Hi I’m a Jerk feat. YT
34. YB: I’m a Jerk
35. Jayy Starr: Where the Functions
36. New Boyz: Cricketz feat. Tyga
37. YG: I’m Still Poppin
38. Young Sam: I Do My Thang feat. Asia Lynn
39. Payso: Beat That Pussy feat. Cold Flamez
40. New Era: Dumb Bitch
41. Draft Pick: Get It Jerkin
42. Julian: Do It Don’t Stop
43. The Bangz: Get It Girl feat. Pink Dollaz
44. Asia Lynn: Tip Toe feat. Aaliyah D
45. Fly Guys: We Jerkin
46. Ro2co: Shooting Dice
47. TayF3rd: Conceited