When Matthew Dear‘s Leave Luck to Heaven dropped on Ghostly in 2003, it was pretty much unanimously decided by the electronic music community that “Dog Days,” a punchy number featuring crisp beats and an arpeggiated synth melody, was the standout track on the release. Remix albums had yet to become the standard practice back then, and so we don’t have twenty versions of the track up on Discobelle, though Ghostly is about to change that with the September 9 release of Dog Days: The Robsoul Remixes.

DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, and Chris Carrier, all members of the France-based label Robsoul, went to town on these versions of the original, and it’s nice to finally see how Dear’s famous track can be interpreted. Expect to wander up and down Collins Avenue at WMC 2009 hearing these tracks blasted from every roof party on the block.

Dog Days: The Robsoul Remixes
01 Dog Days (DJ Sneak’s 420 Dog Mix)
02 Dog Days (Phil Weeks Remix)
03 Dog Days (Chris Carrier’s Proplan Remix)
04 Dog Days (Chris Carrier’s Proplan Dub Remix)

Photo By Doug Coombe.