Matthew Dekay has dropped the second edition of his Für die Liebe series, the first of which dropped in March 2014. The latest entry, which is downloadable in full below, is a blissful one hour narrative that serves as a sonic reflection of world events of the past 24 months.

This is what Dekay had to say about the mix.

“I’ve always been sensitive to my surroundings and the world is in a very vulnerable place at the moment. I felt I needed to express my true emotions through something a little bit different to a conventional DJ mix, and also that just writing one song was not going to be enough.

It was almost like composing a score: The only difference being that the pictures were only in my head. My ambition was for the music to evoke a visual response in the listener rather than just an emotional one. To do that I took some audio snippets of real life current affairs scenarios that really struck a chord in me, and then I used my DJ instinct to think of a track/musical piece that would fit well to that particular scene. Sometimes when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted I added my own music over existing music or did my own sound design to create my own sound effects. I also wrote some original pieces in the moment.

It was very important to me to create ultimate flow and I felt this could only have been achieved without having any beats supporting the music. I also didn’t want to make it eclectic nor constant as I felt that would disrupt the listener’s focus emotionally. There is a strong dynamic range throughout similar to classical music and also some parts that are almost meditative and then in contrast some more intense moments.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.”