Matthew Herbert–musical innovator, multi-instrumentalist, and lover of experiment (see 2004’s Plat Du Jour, an album comprised entirely of sounds made from food). The British artist has been dropping tracks for over a decade now, and shows no signs of either slowing down or embracing convention.

For 2008, he returns with his famed Big Band to release There’s Me and There’s You via !K7 on October 28, and the album is being touted as a collection of protest songs that cover Iraq war victims, Palestine, and other politically hot topics. As expected, he’s sampled everything from gunshots to the incubator that kept his prematurely born son alive, and turned these sounds into music you can still follow.

There’s Me and There’s You
01 The Story
02 Pontificate
03 Waiting
04 The yesness
05 Battery
06 Regina
07 The Rich Man’s Prayer
08 Breathe
09 Knowing
10 Nonsound
11 One Life
12 Just Swing