As the final installment of musique concrète auteur Matthew Herbert‘s One Trilogy (which previously included the One One and One Club albums), the artist will release One Pig, a nine-song LP “made entirely from recordings of a modern pig’s life cycle from birth to plate,” via his own Accidental label. Not surprisingly, Herbert’s forthcoming album has already been singled out by PETA, who is trying to stop the release of the record, claiming that it’s trying to turn animal cruelty into entertainment. The organization’s statement reads, “No one with any true talent or creativity hurts animals to attract attention, but we are sorry Matthew Herbert couldn’t include the screams of pigs being made into bacon on his record, as they would have instantly turned some people into vegetarians… Pigs are inquisitive, highly intelligent, sentient animals who become frightened when they are sent to slaughterhouses, where they kick and scream and try to escape the knife. They are far more worthy of respect than Matthew Herbert or anyone else who thinks cruelty is entertainment.” Herbert was reportedly “puzzled and dissapointed” by the response, as it seems its authors did little to no research of the intents and methods behind his album. If PETA doesn’t have its way, we can expect One Pig to arrive on October 10, the tracklist of which is below.

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