Matthew Herbert will debut on Ben Freeney’s Foom label with The Recording, an EP written, produced, and recorded in one week in Berlin in front of, and with the participation of, a live audience.

Opener “Day Three” is one of Herbert’s most exuberant dancefloor tracks in a while, its rhythms awash with mischief and urgency. “Day Five” is all intricate, shuffling high-end, booming toms, reverb and piano, while the throbs, murmurs, and restless percussion of “Day Seven” bring the EP to a close.

Herbert created the EP from during a week-long residency at the Tischlerei Deutsche Oper.

Foom’s previous releases have come from Bruno Pronsato, Rhys Chatham, Peter Gordon, and more.


01. Day Three
02. Day Five
03. Day Seven

The Recording EP is out November 22, with “Day Three” and pre-order over at Bandcamp.