Continuing with his long-stretching career working with musique concrète and delivering the second part to his One trilogy, Matthew Herbert is set to change the way you think of the term ‘club music.’ The producer’s new album, entitled One Club, “is a return to Herbert’s roots in dance music,” says the record’s press release. “It is also, in its simplest form, club music made out of a club. The music on Club was constructed entirely from sounds created by the audience and the building at the Robert Johnson nightclub in Frankfurt on a single night.” For the 10 songs constructed on Herbert’s upcoming record, all of which are named after people in attendance the night he miked the club, he captured the sounds of kissing, singing, whistling, beatboxing, dancing, and whatever other various things go on in the club, on the dancefloor, in the DJ booth, at the bar, in the cloak room, and wherever else he could squeeze a microphone. Herbert’s own Accidental label will release the full-length record on September 20, but before that, you can check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Robert Johnson
Jenny Neuroth
Alex Duwe
Oliver Bauer
Marcus Bujak
Marlies Hoeniges
Nicolas Ritter
Jalal Malekidoost
Rafik Dahhane
Kerstin Basler