Matthew Herbert has a new album coming out except the “album” won’t in fact have any music. Instead, the visionary artist will be describing the different sounds that would ordinarily be a part of the record. This upcoming project will be released in the shape of a book titled: The Music.

As Herbert himself explains: “For my next record, I will write a description of the record rather than make the music itself. It will be divided into chapters in the same way that an album is separated into tracks. This is that book.” He continues, “Each chapter will describe in precise detail what sounds to use, how they should be organised and occasionally an approximation of what the net result should sound like. Crucially it must be able to be recorded for real given enough time, access and resources. However, I will never make the record. It will always just be a description of the music itself.”

The artist hopes this project will serve as a type of “sound manifesto” wishing to “challenge how we think about music, sound and of course, how we hear the world itself.”

A crowd fund has been set-up in order to support The Music. 

To read an excerpt of it, or find more information about the project, head here.