Matthias Tanzmann is set to release a new LP, entitled Momentum, eight years on from Restless, his debut LP.

Recent times have found Matthias release via fruitful collaborations with the likes of Martin Buttrich, Davide Squillace and Daniel Stefanik, among others, but the ten-track album seems him return to work as a solo artist. Loosely rooted in a variety of house styles, Momentum shows a subtle return to some of Tanzmann’s earliest musical roots. Just as Matthias declares himself, “It is stuff to listen to at home, stuff I like to listen to away from the club”, before adding that, “of course, it also contains tracks that are 100% what I love playing in my DJ sets.”

The recording process initially starting during his times abroad in Thailand and South America, and has come together over the last five years. In customary manner, the album is quite different to a normal EP from the German producer, given that it features plenty of deeper and more cerebral moments.


01. Tamarind
02. Coffee Clouds
03. Mirage
04. Rybu
05. Shake Shake
06. Fireworks On The Roof
07. Frenzy
08. Laika
09. Uptown Vitamins
10. Sfumato

Momentum is scheduled for October 7 release via Moon Harbour, with album opener “Tamarind” streamable in full below. The album release will be marked with a worldwide release tour from October to December 2016.