Serving as his first solo release since issuing his debut LP, Human, in March of this year, Max Cooper has announced he will return to London’s Fields label next month with the five-track Kindred EP. The forthcoming effort will include two new original productions from Cooper—which are said to find him operating at “his most cinematic” and “his heaviest”—along with remixes from Houndstooth artist Throwing Snow and Innervisions affiliate David August, and an extended version of the EP’s lead track from Cooper himself. Furthermore, Kindred‘s two original offerings are said to have been written to serve as centerpieces for Emergence, Max Cooper’s new audio/visual show which premiered at the 2014 edition of Seattle’s Decibel Festival.

Cooper’s Kindred EP is set to see an official release on December 1. In the meantime, the forthcoming record’s artwork and tracklist have been included below.

1. Origins
2. Voyage Through the Analogue Womb
3. Origins (Max’s Extended Version)
4. Origins (David August remix)
5. Origins (Throwing Snow remix)