Max Cooper has detailed his third studio album, One Hundred Billion Sparks, scheduled for Autumn release.

The album was conceived after Cooper spent a month in complete isolation at a remote cottage in Wales, and sees him “interrogate notions of identity whilst profiling the complex mechanisms that make us all wonderfully unique.” 

“For me personally, the foundations of nature, in the broadest sense (including us), carry the most beauty and maddening incomprehensibility,” Cooper says. “The more something is distilled, the more its beauty is crystallized. That is why I am compelled to look for foundations as a general approach.”

While his previous album Emergence applies this reasoning outwards, One Hundred Billion Sparks applies it inwards, searching for artistry amongst the mechanisms, emotions, and constructs which yield our identity and experience.

‘”One Hundred Billion Sparks” is my attempt to express what was there after I had removed my everyday life. No phone calls, no emails, no messages, no human contact or conversation for a month, that was the idea. What I found were the fables we live inside, our constructs, the mechanisms which create them, and the experience of parsing them,” Cooper explains. 

We’re told that whilst the sound palette is unmistakably Cooper’s, the album sees him experimenting with new styles. 


01. Incompleteness 

02. Hope

03. Phi

04. Rule 110

05. Reciprocity

06. Emptyset 


08. Platonic

09. Identity

10. Reflex

11. Lovesong

12. Memories

One Hundred Billion Sparks is scheduled for September 20 release via his own Mesh label, with “Hope” streaming in full below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.