Max Cooper has a new album on the way this November.

Emergence is set to be the London-based techno producer’s second full-length, following on from his 2014 release, Human. The 11 track record, which is described as “an epic, operatic, ambitious amalgamation between audio-visual show, scientific research project, art installation and IDM record,” is set to be the debut on Cooper’s Mesh imprint.

Cooper’s concept was to produce a soundtrack to 11 pieces of video art—one track per video, each exploring the concept of “emergence” and the development of the universe. It features a few collaborations with film-composer Tom Hodge, and vocalist Kathrin deBoer appears on three of the album’s tracks.

With the release date of the album approaching quickly, Cooper is going on tour from September 23 onwards. As well as numerous DJ sets, he will be taking a Live A/V show to Fribourg, Paris, Mutek Japan, London, Amsterdam, before finishing up in Dublin in January 2017.

Emergence will hit stores November 25. Pre-order it here, and stream “Waves” below.


1. Symmetry (with Tom Hodge)
2. Seed (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
3. Waves
4. Distant Light
5. Myth (with Tom Hodge)
6. Order From Chaos
7. Cyclic
8. Impermanence (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
9. Trust (with Tom Hodge feat. Kathrin DeBoer)
10. Organa