Max Cooper is set to return with another release exploring the intersection of science, music, and art.

The World Passing By EP features four new tracks accompanied by a visual representation of his conceptually driven work.

For this project, Max was influenced by varying interpretations of time. On the inspiration behind the EP he says: ‘’I wondered if our experience of time could be explained…where time is just a physical dimension into which things grow, with us experiencing now as the cusp of the inflation.”

The visual and musical ideas both stemmed from train journeys and were then run through studio hardware to form each track, as well as a collaboration with Kevin McGloughlin to create a video representation of his work that will feature in Max’
live show.

The EP will land on Mesh, Max’ new label, founded last year.


01. Veil Of Time
02. Resynthesis
03. Stacked Moments
04. Corporea

World Passing By EP is scheduled for November 24 release, with “Stacked Moments” streaming in full below.