Max Cooper—the UK DJ/producer who turned in one of our most popular podcasts of 2012—will return to Traum in April for his 12th release with the imprint, the Movements EP. Enlisting the talents of Berlin technology expert, creative director, and occasional producer Nicolas Bougaïeff, the EP offers four originals and three remixes which will be availible only on the digital version of Movements. Cooper’s forthcoming record is set to drop on April 2, but in the meantime, you can check out the full tracklist for the EP below.

01 Fracture
02 Ellipse
03 Walls
04 Meadows
05 Meadows (Microtrauma Remix)*
06 Fracture (Nyma’s “Amethyst” Remix)*
07 Ellipse (Logiztik Sounds remix)*
*Digital Only