Max Loderbauer and Jacek Sienkiewicz will release an LP together.

END will drop on Polish electronic musician Sienkiewivcz’s Recognition Records later this year. It’s the latest product of a relationship that started publicly sharing music back in 2015, with the Ridges EP (a record made up of two tracks, both of which also feature on the forthcoming album). The duo also released a live recording of their performance at Berlin Atonal.

Upcoming 11-tracker END is described by the label as being made up of “post-brutalism compositions,” which were put together following the “rule of free improvisation with a reduced instrumental setup.”

END will be released March 31.


01. Est
02. Tib
03. Hak
04. Sir
05. Tuk
06. Gnd
07. Noe
08. Wet
09. Hut
10. West Ridge
11. East Ridge