Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes label will release new 12″s from Maxmillion Dunbar (operating under his Max D alias and pictured above) and A Made Up Sound (a.k.a. 2562) late next month, and has preempted their release with previews of each record. Both Max D’s Drizzling Glass EP and A Made Up Sound’s Night Owl EP will mark each artist’s debut on the label, and—given what we can glean from each release’s lead single—the two records take drastically different sonic paths.

Full streams of Drizzling Glass‘s new age-streaked closer “Calvin & Hobbes” and Night Owl‘s jagged opening effort “Fortress (The Hague, 2005)” are included below, along with each EP’s tracklist. Both records are expected to drop in late February. (via Resident Advisor)

01 Jubilee
02 Oshima Flicks
03 Pop Song
04 Calvin & Hobbes

01 Fortress (The Hague, 2005)
02 Caustic Network
03 Kovaxxxt
04 Situation