NYC-based producer Max McFerren will return to Vancouver’s fast-growing 1080p label with a new album under his MCFERRDOG guise (a recent remix from which landed in our monthly Top Downloads round-up) early next month. Entitled Lawd Forgive Me, the 12-track effort follows behind Club Amniotics, the record which served as MCFERRDOG’s 1080p debut earlier this year.

Along with the announcement of Lawd Forgive Me, 1080p—an outpost we highlighted as part of our recent Labels We Love series—has passed along a full stream of album cut “Ideal Coach,” which sees McFerren continuing to explore melodically rich club hybrids, with this new production taking a particularly snappy, chord-fueled path to that end. “Ideal Coach” can be heard (and downloaded) via the player below before MCFERRDOG’s next record lands in both cassette and digital forms on January 20.

1. Bless This Mess
2. What Justifiable Confidence!
3. Peak of My Curiosity
4. Timeless
5. Lifeswork
6. Acid
7. Chapped
8. Crying Mantis
9. Make Our Own Prisons
10. Bio Pic of Atrus Groovmacher
11. Ideal Coach
12. Lawd Forgive Me