Visionquest’s Ryan Crosson is first up on MDRNTY Records, a label offshoot of the Swiss Alps Events brand, with an EP out on April 9.

Headed up by Alejandro Mosso and Maxime Leonard, MDRNTY promises to share “emotionally charged dance music,” with the aim of mirroring the kind of sounds you might expect to hear at the Swiss party of the same name.

The label’s first release is by Detroit-born DJ Ryan Crosson—a producer known for his work alongside Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves under the umbrella of Visionquest, as well as for his releases on Minus, Wagon Repair and Supplement Facts. His next EP, MDRNTY001 is a three-tracker that dives between electro, techno and house.

MDRNTY001 is due out April 8, and can be pre-ordered at Stream snippets below.