Throughout the week, XLR8R posts all sorts of stuff online—news, MP3 downloads, podcasts, artists interviews, gear information, album reviews, and whatever else we think might be pertinent to our audience. We’d like to think that some of this content is actually helpful (not to mention interesting) for our readers, but until now, it’s rarely been designed specifically to assist the members of the XLR8R faithful with their day-to-day lives. Beginning next month, that’s going to change, as NYC jack-of-all-trades Nick Hook will be taking the helm of our brand-new advice column, Hi, Doctor Nick!

Okay, so maybe Nick Hook isn’t actually a doctor, but he is a seasoned musician, DJ, traveler, and man of the world. Perhaps you know Nick’s work with his band Cubic Zirconia, or saw him perform as part of El-P’s live band back in the day. In the studio, he recently helped produce music by artists such as L-Vis 1990 and Azealia Banks. Last fall, he was one of the participants at the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid. Simply put, Nick Hook is one of those music guys who seems to know just about everyone and has been just about everywhere. More importantly, he knows all about music—different genres, different scenes, different eras, different labels, different production techniques, different equipment… the man dabbles in almost everything.

As such, we couldn’t think of a better candidate for XLR8R readers to pepper with questions. Looking for production tips? Nick Hook can help you. Want to know how to get better DJ gigs? Nick Hook can help you. Want to talk to some cutie you always see at the club, but don’t how to approach them? Nick Hook can help you. Need advice about what to wear? Nick Hook can help you.

Seriously, any and all questions are welcome. In September, Hi, Doctor Nick! will begin appearing on XLR8R each and every week, so we need our readers to start submitting questions now. Start sending your inquiries to, and let us help Nick Hook help you.