MeldaProduction has launched two new plugins, namely MAutoStereoFix and MSpectralPan.

MeldaProduction specializes in developing audio-related software products, all of which are said to provide the “best audio quality available on the market,” and the widest range of features.

The latest commercial plugin that was released is MAutoStereoFix, which fixes problems in stereo recordings—even if you didn’t even know there are any! It has been designed for stereo microphone recordings such as overheads and rooms, but can be used on master tracks as well. MAutoStereoFix analyzes your audio material and automatically matches the volume, time, spectrum, and phase of the right channel to the left channel. And if you like it can even match the volume envelope.

The latest free plugin that was released is MSpectralPan, a powerful panner, which allows you to apply panorama to each frequency individually. By exploiting the spectrum domain, MSpectralPan allows you to draw where to pan each frequency—like equalization, but in stereo. You can clean up your mixes, create depth in them, avoid collisions, and produce various creative effects.

MAutoStereoFix and MSpectralPan are both available now, with more information available here.