Melisma and Cure Music will present a collaborative event at this year’s Off Week in Barcelona on Friday, June 16.

Melisma is run by Dani Casarano while Momo Trosman runs Cure. Felipe Valenzuela is involved in both projects.

The lineup, below, consists of those label heads and many of those affiliated with the labels, including Afriqua and Momo Trosman, both of whom have featured on XLR8R recently.

Giuliano Lomonte
Momo Trosman
Felipe Valenzuela
Dani Casarano
Andreazza (Warm Up)

The venue for the event is Club Belafonte, a new club located in the city center.

More information, including tickets, can be found here, with a Q&A with the label founders below.

After doing separate parties for previous Sónar seasons, you guys are teaming up this year. Why the change? 

We usually try to make collaborations with other labels or collectives for Sónar time. The premise is always to meet with those who share the same perspectives on music. It’s just about bringing together friends with similar concepts.And, of course, Sónar is always interesting because most of our friends and artists from the scene are there.

Belafonte is a new venue in Barcelona. Can you tell us more about it? 

There are various activities linked to the club, even of different musical styles. The owners are very cool, we had a long relation with them since Chile and the Golden times, so we feel at home. Is a very friendly vibe.The capacity is for 400 max.

What’s happening with Cure and Melisma. Any big announcements coming up? 

Cure music is preparing the fourth release that will be out in a couple of months. The main track comes from the American duo Omni A.M. It’s a remaster from one of his hidden underground classics from the beginning of 2000. This is accompanied by two remixes, one from the collaboration between Mike Shannon and DeWalta; the second one comes from Spacetravel.

Melisma is mainly launching music from the label owners. The next upcoming release is a double maxi collaboration between Felipe Valenzuela And Dani Casarano.

And there’s some upcoming info and surprises for Sónar from both labels together. We will talk about that later on.